OpenMG Jukebox

OpenMG Jukebox 2.2

Patches the OpenMG functionality issues

Improve and maintain the functionality of OMG file management suites by repairing general issues such as the File Tree view on the Import window display rebalancing, fixing backup creation algorithms, restoring files lost during the handling of duplicates, etc.

This utility will resolve the following issues: the File Tree view on the Import window displays incorrectly, OMG files are lost when the back up data is restored, error occurs causing a song to be lost when divided, files are lost when two or more files that have the same title are restored, if a group (containing songs) stored in Net MD™ is deleted when the "Check-In before deletion" is set as a MD setting, the songs belonging to the group cannot be checked in - only their copyright information may be deleted, some defects in the CDDB module.

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